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We'll assist you with picking advanced technologies, setting up the right design, and influence emerging tools and trends, meanwhile safeguarding the product vision.

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We put time and endeavors in learning new advancements before they become trends.

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PHP, Java, Node, Larvel, Drupal, WordPress, Webflow, Magento, MySQL, MongoDB, PostgreSql

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HTML5, CSS, JavaScript, AJAX, Bootstrap, jQuery, Storybook, Three.js, GreenSock

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Swift, Java, Ionic, Cordova, React Native, Kotlin, Flutter, Android SDK, Typescript, PWA

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Illustrator, Photoshop, XD, Invision, After Effects, Blender, Spline, Figma, Animate

Build the Product That Everyone Loves.

We leverage our aptitude in arising innovations to take your product to a higher level. We assist you with setting processes for powerful working across areas and time regions to speed up the speed of new feature improvement.

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The #1 Services Company

The IGT team understands that innovation is more than just another word. We execute our projects according to a structured approach of ideation, a journey that started in 2021 and continues today. We undertake projects in blockchain, mobile and web application development and data sciences

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People are planning

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Top Class Business Solutions

Our approach to innovation at IGT is not just another word. We execute our projects following a structured approach to ideation.

  • High Quality of product and Services
  • Satisfied customer Experience
  • Higher project completion rate
  • Timely delivery of the projects
  • 24x7x365 Customer Support
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Our product

Best Clinic Appointment Solutions

MobiDoc is a cloud-based integrated management software that offers appointment scheduling platform for digitizing and automating workflows, streamlining operations, enhancing doctor patient engagement, and managing patient health records. The platform can be used by speciality clinics, medical centers, day care centers, and hospitals.

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Specialized team of professionals

The team of IGT is formed by a specialized team of professionals highly qualified who guarantee the best service and attention to all. We combine world-class knowledge, enormous skills, and dedication to create advanced methodologies. Our dedicated team of professionals brings an informed perspective to each challenge, calling upon years of benefits experiences in a variety of businesses.

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Anupam Bajaj


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Amit Bajaj


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Deepika Topwal

Senior Marketing Lead

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Priyanka Bisht

Assistant Manager

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Ankush Gaur

App Developer

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Shubham Kumar

Web Developer

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Priyanshu Prajapati

Software Developer

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Rahul Rana

Creative Developer


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